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Meadows Family Chiropractic

20  Reviews

(425) 216-5306
13615 100th Ave Ne
Kirkland, WA 98034
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As Kirkland chiropractors, we take pride in offering the most complete chiropractic resource in our area. In fact, our willingness to volunteer information and explain every chiropractic procedure in advance, is often mentioned by our delighted patients.

Why? Those who know what chiropractic isGÇöand what chiropractic isn't, seem to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

We're looking to help Kirkland-area residents who value their health and want a chiropractor who offers peace of mind. Ready to get started?

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(425) 216-5306

Recommended Reviews

Average Rating (20)


The staff and atmosphere in the clinic instantly felt trustworthy, capable and sincere about wanting to fix my back pain. They did proper testing and created a solid plan of treatment of L3/L4 protruding disc. Half-way through it was obvious this was the appropriate method of treatment and the right clinic for me.


I had severe shoulder and neck pain - pain in my left hip and lower back. My shoulder is now much more limber, much stronger. Neck pain is far less - lower back and hip are nearly pain freel.


I was fatigued, would have headaches at least 5 times a week, had upper back and neck pain. I haven't had any headaches for a couple months now. I have a lot more energy and am not as tired. My upper back and neck have virtually no pain.


I was sore, stiff, very restricted. I have more movement now, butter ROM, less pain - am feeling better overall - and so happy to be saying that! Looking forward to full improvement. Love the staff!! They are continually helpful and kind. They set atmosphere of calmness.


When I first came in I was getting headaches every day that just would not go away. I had pain and stiffness in my neck an pain in my hip when I would walk or run. My headaches are completely gone, no pain in my neck and stiffness is minimal. I'm still experiencing pain in my hip, but stretching and adjustments make it feel better.


The one main thing I would love to add is I am truely impressed with EVERYONE here. I have never met so many wonderful, and helpful people/employees for the same company before. I also appreciate knowing that no matter what issues I am having or pain I am in it will be helped in any way possible. I am doing better but feel like I have a ways to go. Thank you to all the front desk girls and my adjusters. I feel very confident here.


My pains were very severe, especially in my lower back sitting or standing for hours. I would walk with a limp. My hip would hurt so badly. I had headaches almost everyday, pain in my legs especially my left leg. I would have sleepless nights unable to lie on my back. Today I must say my headache only happen once or twice per week. My back pain is about a 1, my neck pain is completely gonge, as for my leg it may reappear once per month. I want to thank Dr. Jeremy Meadows and all his staff for the wonderful success I have during my visits to be able to sit and stand for hours.


I had lower back pain, being young and fairly active, tried to stretch it out but knew it needed something more. It was sore quite often, preventing me from enjoying the activities I was used to doing. Pain is gone and able to return doing the activities I had done before. Working on posture correction.


I had right hip pain, constant, 7, especially difficult to turn over in bed. Could do all activities but golf. Missed my golf for 8 weeks. Pain varies between 0-1. Played golf last week for first time and had no discomfort during or after.


I was having constant pain in my left shoulder. The pain was on top of my shoulder so I thought it was muscular. Massage would help but only for a short time. I was also having neck pain with headaches. My lower back would get really sore as well. I thankfully could still go about my daily activities, my pain was just more annoying because it was always there - I figured I would just have to live with it. I feel great today. Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Leah worked with my on my posture a lot! I didn't feel better right away but over time as my body got used to being in adjustment, and I learned to have better posture, my pain almost went away. My headaches went away and I hardly had any lower back or shoulder pain. Currently, I just had my first baby and have noticed some symptoms coming back as my posture went bad again. I know it won't be long to get back where I was though. :-)


My back, neck and hip were bothering me daily. I was unable to hike, walk or do things I love. I was in an accident that contributed to my pain. Today I am pain free on most days. I'm able to do the things that I want to do. When I do have pain it is minor and goes away quickly.


I was in a lot of pain from hip and lower back. Also, my fingers on one hand would go numb at least once a day. It hurt to work and sleep. Doing better. Still have some pain in hip and lower back, but numbness in fingers is almost totally gone.


I had constant pain in low back and neck. Very stiff with headaches. Now I don't have much lower back pain. Headaches are mostly all gone, not as stiff. Still a ways to go but getting there.


I had restricted motion in neck and hips. I had restless legs at night, numbness in hands. A real train wreck. I never slept better. Rotation in neck is great. Numbness in shoulder and hands is gone.


I was having headaches daily my work and life harder. I didn't have enough energy. My neck and upper back bothered me and was always a dull pain. today I haven't had a headache in months. I feel more energized and overall healthier. My neck and back rarely bother me at all.


When I started, I had very bad pains in my neck, that restricted me from doing activities such as football. Today I am much better. The pain in my neck has stopped. I am still effected by back pain though.


I was barely able to walk, sit, stand or bend down. Always in pain 100% of the time. I couldn't even pick up my five year old daughter. I have more range of motion now, not in constant pain anymore. I can pick up my little girl but only with other arm, and couldn't do that before.


My lower back and right hip had considerable pain when sitting for long periods of time and sleeping. Also getting numbness in fingers. My tailbone clunked when I walked. Now I'm about 95% better. Numbness and clunking gone. Pain while sleeping is minimal! Pain after sitting too long has almost completely subsided.


When I first came in, I had daily headaches, throbbing back pain in the mid and lower sections and couldn't really do anything w/out stressing my back. All of my daily routines were affected and even sleeping was a difficult task. After a couple of months here, I have noticed that my pain all around has decreased significantly. My headaches aren't as painful and are less frequent. My back pain is fading and I feel that I am approaching a 100% recovery at a very good rate.


I am now almost pain free. My lower back is only stiff and pain is a 2 when I wake up (which is not a daily occurrence any longer). The combination of adjustments and traction help improve my condition quicker than other chiropractors who only do adjustments. I really appreciate everyone at Meadow Family Chiro for increasing my awareness and knowledge of my back condition diagnosed. I strongly recommend Meadows Family Chiro over any other chiropractor or physical therapy. Thank you Dr. Jeremy, Leah and Brice!

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